What are Prepositions of Place?

Prepositions of place are grammatical words that are used to talk about a place where something is located. They can take many different forms, but we can distinguish between three main prepositions of place as follow:

Common usage

  • In β€“ Used when referring to activities inside a location. 
    For example, my grandmother grows delicious fruits in her garden.
  • At β€“ Indicates an exact place, such as where an event is occurring or a specific position. 
    For example, there is a music festival at the mall tonight.
  • On β€“ Describes something attached to or next to something else. 
    For example, please put the plates on the dinner table.

It’s worth mentioning that prepositions of place in english are helpful in terms of storytelling or when discussing things that require important details for communication purposes.

Examples for “in”, “at”, and “on”


  • I do my Zoom meetings in the living room.
  • I meet her in New York every Sunday.
  • I saw that book in the library.
  • They look at the elephants in the zoo.
  • Jack is in the car with my family.
  • I really look bad in that photo!
  • This is my favorite football team in Africa.


  • I met her at the bus stop.
  • She sat at the table.
  • She likes to be at music concerts.
  • We had a great time at the party.
  • She suggested we spend the evening at the movies.
  • We always meet at the University of South Florida.
  • We had a tough time at work.


  • I like that painting on that wall.
  • Cambridge is on the River Cam.
  • My schoolbook is on her desk.
  • Last night I saw a smile on his face.
  • The supermarket is on the left.
  • My apartment is on the first floor.
  • I love traveling on trains.
  • I always listen to my favorite program on the radio.
  • Quick, come and see, my father is on TV!

Additional Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of Place in English With Examples
Unlock The Power Of Prepositions Of Place In English!
Prepositions of Place in English With Examples
Unlock The Power Of Prepositions Of Place In English!

The table below contains additional prepositions of place, along with examples for each:

Preposition of placeWhen to useExample
Betweenin or into the space which separates two places, people, or objectsJack sits between me and the window.
By, next to, beside, nearnot far away in the distanceThe picture is hanging by/next to/beside the door.
Behindat the back ofThe cat hides behind the tree.
In front offurther forward than someone or something elseShe started talking to the man in front of her
Underlower than (or covered by) something elseI found my pen under the table.
Belowlower than something elseThere are circles below my eyes because I didn’t sleep well.
Overabove or higher than something else, sometimes so that one thing covers the otherShe held the umbrella over both of us.
more thanMost of these items are overpriced.
across from one side to the otherI walked over the London Bridge.
overcoming an obstacleShe jumped over the gate.
Abovehigher than something else, but not directly over itThere is a path above the bridge.
Acrossgetting to the other sideHe sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.
Towardsin the direction of, or moving closer to someone or somethingShe stood up and walked towards him.
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